Several COVID-19 related projects

Like most infectious disease modelers, we have gotten involved in several COVID-19 related projects recently. A lot of work is done as part of UGA’s Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases, most of those projects can be found here. One project is our visualization of COVID-19 cases/deaths. This shiny app is here. Lastly, a few projects exist as pre-prints. One analyzes mass screening and testing interventions another looks at reduction of mortality if containment is not possible, this one analyzes multiple likely airborne transmissions on a bus and this one looks at several transmission events during casual contact.

A few new publications

We recently published a few new papers: An introduction and review of simulation modeling in the within-host/immunology level, a study of cough distribution in TB patients and a description of our within-host modeling R package. All publications can be found in the publications section of this page.