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Modeling and Analysis of Infectious Diseases
at the individual and population level

Norovirus related Publications

  • Molly K Steele, Justin V Remais, Manoj Gambhir, John W Glasser, Andreas Handel, Umesh D Parashar, Benjamin A Lopman (2016). Targeting pediatric versus elderly populations for norovirus vaccines: a model-based analysis of mass vaccination options. Epidemics 17:42-49.
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  • Theresa Devasia, Ben Lopman, Juan Leon, Andreas Handel (2014) "Association of host, agent and environment characteristics and the duration of incubation and symptomatic periods of norovirus gastroenteritis", Epidemiology and Infection.
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  • Rishi Desai, Christal D. Hembree, Andreas Handel, Jonathan E. Matthews, Benjamin W. Dickey, Sharla McDonald, Aron J. Hall, Umesh D. Parashar, Juan S. Leon, Benjamin Lopman (2012) "Severe Outcomes Are Associated With Genogroup 2 Genotype 4 Norovirus Outbreaks: A Systematic Literature Review", Clinical Infectious Diseases, 10.1093/cid/cis372
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