All our group publications used to be listed here, with the ability to filter by topic, and the ability to download the citation information and the pdfs for each paper. It was nice, but it was tedious to maintain. Things kept breaking and requiring a lot of manual, time-consuming intervention. So I finally gave up. Now, instead of trying to manage publications on this website, I’m just pointing to my (fairly well maintained) publication entries at NCBI/NIH My Bibliography or Google Scholar.

Of course, those only show papers where I (Andreas) am a co-author. There are some papers that members of our group co-authored on which I am not listed. To find those, go to that group member’s website. Also note that neither listing is great. For some reason, NCBI adds papers that come from co-authors funded by the same grants, even if we are not involved. And Google sometimes indexes pre-prints and posters. Either way, you should be able to figure out what we are up to.

I believe that tax-payer funded research findings should be publicly available and not behind a pay-wall. One nice feature about listing all papers here was that I could provide pdfs to all of them. With the new setup, this doesn’t work anymore. You should be able to get pdfs of either the final paper or the draft through the NCBI/NIH My Bibliography link. If for any reason you can’t get the final published paper and want it, please contact me and I’d be happy to send you the pdf.